Government Relations Is Not Enough

Washington is a lobbyist’s town. Hundreds of millions of dollars are transferred annually from every corner of the country into our nation’s capital to influence policy. While hiring a lobbyist used to be all one needed to do to achieve legislative goals, times have changed drastically.

Today, with a constantly changing and complex advocacy environment, relying solely on government relations to change the political playing field is a mistake — often a costly and even fatal one.



The Limits of Government Relations Strategies

Government relations messages can easily get ignored or buried in today’s multi-channel communications environment, where lobbying no longer provides the same opportunities to influence policy as it did a couple decades ago. To win in in this new digital age, it is necessary to define your issue with the public through an array of channels and mediums. 

The most successful lobbying campaigns today marry lobbying with communications. Doing so affords corporations and advocacy groups the opportunity to interact with interest groups, legislators, government officials, and the media to help achieve lobbying goals. For example, during the Trump administration, those seeking the ear of the president would use traditional means and methods but would also advertise on specific television shows the president was known to watch with regularity. 

Advocacy Campaigns Help When Government Relations Isn’t Enough

To drive change, sway public opinion, and win legislative or regulatory issues, incorporating advocacy campaigns is key no matter your audience. Whether it’s a digital or grassroots advocacy campaign, television or radio advertising, talk radio tours or editorial placement, every campaign should at least consider employing all or some of these tools to shape the environment in which you make your case. When the public is with you, elected officials and policymakers tend to feel more secure about joining your cause.

Digital advocacy will offer you both visibility and flexibility. As the fastest-growing marketing strategy, this method allows you to reach your target audience quickly and effectively. The digital space also allows you to share your message across several online platforms.  

Similarly, grassroots advocacy helps to shape the political dialogue, enabling you to find strength in numbers. With support from the public, you’ll be able to amplify your message and more effectively influence policy outcomes. 


Achieving Your Public Affairs and Government Relations Goals 

Two main ways the TDS team can help you achieve your goals are through our digital advocacy advertising and grassroots advocacy campaigns. 

Digital Advocacy Advertising

Our digital services are focused on advancing your cause and maximizing engagement. We’ll ensure your messages and goals are refined before choosing a medium, and we’ll ensure your message reaches the right audience through targeted campaigns. Digital tactics and analysis will deliver insight into how well your message is connecting with your audience and making an impact.

Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns 

With grassroots mobilization, we’ll help you reach your target audience, whether on the local or national level, by helping you build a support network. Combining both strategies and techniques will enable you to effectively reach and engage stakeholders in policy debates on the ground or online. We’ll help you form relationships with the right people and public interest groups to encourage collective action and reach your goals.


Turn Your Legislative or Government Message Into a Mission Today

Since 2007, the TDS team has been committed to driving change through our digital and grassroots advocacy campaigns. No matter the focus of your PR campaign, our team will help you communicate your message using comprehensive, integrated solutions while providing clear metrics to judge performance levels.
To begin receiving strategic advice and crafting the right legislative or government message for your audience, contact us online today to get started.

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