Digital Advocacy Advertising

The digital space is the fastest growing marketing avenue and the new norm for getting your issue the attention it deserves. At TDS Public Affairs, we have the scale and reliability to implement targeted advocacy advertising and campaigns across multiple fronts, including the digital realm. Learn how digital advocacy advertising can reach your targeted audience so that you can maximize engagement and advance your cause.


What Is an Issue Advocacy Campaign?

An issue advocacy campaign generates far more than political ads. Whether your issue is local, statewide, or national, the goal is to craft a message and implement a campaign that raises awareness for your cause so that segments of the public take action and get behind you.

In today’s world, the digital realm is the best place to draw attention to the people or issues you advocate for. The more visibility you have, the more likely it is that you’ll bring maximum public awareness and pressure at the right time. Issue advocacy has a range of applications that benefit advocacy groups, lobbyists, nonprofits, corporations and more. The most common focal points of issue advocacy advertising campaigns include matters regarding:

  • Politics
  • Society
  • Economics
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Nonprofit interests


Regardless of the issue you or your organization wish to bring attention to, TDS can help. We will optimize your efforts by helping you craft a message, refine your goals, and implement all aspects of your issue advocacy campaign — particularly on the digital front.


The Benefits of Digital Advocacy Campaigns

With TDS, you have access to a massive realm of advocacy advertising opportunities. Advocacy campaigns focused on digital forums allow you to reach your audience wherever they are whenever they’re online. Many smartphone users take action based on reading or viewing a campaign in passing that speaks to them.

Some benefits of focusing your advocacy efforts to the digital realm include:


  • Targeted campaigns: Ensure your message reaches the right audience based on geographic location, demographics, interests, and other factors.
  • Flexibility: Create one piece of content that users can share across multiple online platforms.
  • Engagement: Use click-through rates to give you a clear idea if your message is connecting with people.
  • Capacity: Exceed your most optimistic expectations with campaigns that have the chance to go viral.


How We Utilize Online Advocacy Advertising

With TDS as the driving force behind your efforts, we plan, manage, and implement every aspect of your online advocacy advertising. We also work with your in-house team members to keep your message focused and on-track. Once your message is ready, we provide analysis to ensure your advertising reaches the right audience via the appropriate online medium. These services optimize engagement and impact.

Digital platforms provide you with an arsenal of options, and we can target your advertising with various online applications, including:

  • Online advertising.
  • Social media campaigns.
  • Web development.
  • Online publications.
  • Email.
  • Featured issues on your website.


TDS can also ensure you don’t face unwanted backlash by helping you develop and execute targeted, persuasive, campaigns.


Advance Your Issue Through Online Platforms With TDS

Maintaining the digital communication space around your issue takes a PR firm that intimately understands how to use the online realm to reach the right people. Advance the issues you care about and achieve your goals with TDS. If you would like to learn more about our innovative approach to digital issue advocacy and our other PR services, contact us today.