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Media And Public Relations Services

Real change occurs — or is undone — in the court of public opinion.

Public relations is the business of persuasion. Promoting your brand, issues, ideas, or goals requires a strategic communication process that builds a mutually beneficial relationship between you or your cause and the public. We can help.

Located in Washington, D.C., TDS is a full-service public affairs firm specializing in media and public relations. We create targeted strategies to launch our clients’ brands or issues into the public conversation and debate. We do this by helping clients craft the right messages while using the right tactics and voices at the right mediums for impact.

Reaching key audiences is crucial. Our goal is to use the media, grassroots organizing, coalition building, and targeted digital campaigns to reach decision-makers and other target audiences for our clients in ways that generate impactful, strategically beneficial results.

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Public Relations Helps You Tell Your Story

There are two sides to every issue and you have a story to tell. How you tell your story is often the difference between winning and losing.

We invest the time to develop an in-depth knowledge of your story, goals and the current communications environment to help you build a strategic vision and plan designed to influence public perception and debate.

We find your positive messages and shape them into unique stories that we share with a diverse group of target audiences.

From grassroots organizing, to social media engagement, to talk radio interviews and opinion content placement,  TDS has proven success engaging a wide assortment of mediums to convey our clients’ message. Whether you want to reach elected officials, think tanks, or the public at large, we will craft your story, promote unique angles and arguments around your story and find the most effective avenues to deliver them to your target audiences.

Strategic Political Public Relations

Shaping public opinion and influencing government action requires more than a lobbying campaign. In today’s landscape, coalition development, grassroots advocacy, and media and social media engagement are all key ingredients to success. At TDS, our integrated approach allows us to reach your target audiences when and where it will make a difference.

Our Public Relations Services

TDS helps you achieve your public affairs goals in a variety of ways:

  • Strategic communications: We build a public narrative around an issue that can be distributed through numerous channels.
  • Public affairs and issue advocacy: We develop in-depth knowledge of an issue and build a strategic vision and plan designed to influence the process.
  • Grassroots mobilization: We ensure grassroots support and pressure from the public on your issue — both on the ground and online.
  • Coalition building: We have developed relationships with some of the most influential voices on issues ranging from financial policy to health care. Many of these voices agree with you and are willing to speak out when the cause is correct.
  • Digital services: We educate, engage and mobilize key constituencies through robust digital tactics that deliver impact, not just clicks.
  • Crisis management: In a crisis, every minute counts.  We are experienced in successfully handling crisis communications and develop responses to mitigate damage.

Our Proven Public Relations Strategy

TDS takes great pride in developing and implementing effective public relations strategies that help organizations and individuals achieve their goals. The best results come from a genuine partnership with our clients to design a comprehensive public relations approach and reach measurable milestones.

Owning the public communication space around your issue requires scale and reliability. At TDS, our strategic insights and innovative approach to public relations create a steady stream of defined deliverables that bolster the public’s comprehension and value of your message. Contact TDS today to learn more about our PR services.

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