Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns

Grassroots advocacy makes it possible for organizations and citizens to effectuate change and amplify their voices on critical issues. Grassroots public relations campaigns lie at the core of effective advocacy shaping political dialogue by building a support network. Ultimately, grassroots advocacy is about finding strength in numbers and channeling that strength to influence public opinion and government action. These campaigns aim to engage constituents, customers, members, employees and other stakeholders in key policy debates.


What Is Grassroots Politics?

Grassroots advocacy refers to on the ground political campaigns or movements organized to support a policy issue, candidate or specific cause. Effective grassroots movements utilize an array of strategies and techniques activating collective action from citizens to change policy outcomes or the course of a campaign.

Much in the way grass grows, grassroots movements are considered bottom-up rather than top-down efforts.

Grassroots advocacy harnesses the voices of the people to spawn policy changes at the local, regional, national and even international levels.


Why Is It Necessary to Build a Grassroots Campaign Nowadays? 

Grassroots campaigns are impact strategies in which a brand’s content is targeted to a specific audience or niche. Grassroots PR campaigns are essential in that they allow participants to reach a target audience and inspire them to amplify and share the campaign’s message.  We do not just work with national-level influences. We work with local, everyday people as well.

Campaigns focus grassroots advocacy groups to effect change to policies or laws by mobilizing vast numbers of people, most often at the local level. Instead of targeting many people at once, like a national PR strategy, grassroots campaigns concentrate on cultivating the power of local influencers to spread the word to their audiences, growing its influence as the campaign grows. A grassroots effort can allow audiences to directly interact with a cause while capitalizing on existing social trends. We find the right people on the ground for our client and engage them in our efforts.


How Can Grassroots Advocacy Affect Policy? 

Grassroots advocacy bolsters outside support for political issues or causes. Grassroots support highlights your message from within the public at large — through relationships with influential people within the community and outside public interest groups.
Grassroots leaders from particular communities guide development and change at the neighborhood level. These leaders initiate change by organizing and meeting with community members to begin the strategic planning process, vision development and needs assessment.


Let TDS Public Affairs Help You Create a Grassroots Campaign Today  

If your organization has stories to share, TDS can bring them to life. As a top strategic research firm in Washington, D.C., TDS has provided clients with grassroots mobilization, coalition building, digital services, issue advocacy, crisis management and sophisticated strategic communication since 2007.

The TDS team commits to offering excellent strategic advice and top-quality services for grassroots advocacy and PR campaigns. We understand the importance of communicating a comprehensive and valuable message and using strategic insights to ensure your campaign has defined deliverables.

With partners in every state, TDS can rapidly craft and launch grassroots campaigns to convey your message where it counts.
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