Video Marketing Increasingly Vital To PR Strategies

A decade ago, the addition of digital advertising to your advocacy campaign was an afterthought. Today, it is a required tool for shaping public opinion even as it continues to evolve with ever new approaches to delivering on-message content.

The rapid growth of digital advertising generally can be seen in the spending habits of recent presidential campaigns.

In 2012, President Obama spent an estimated $52 million on online ads while Mitt Romney spent $26 million. In the subsequent election cycle, Donald Trump paid a whopping $94 million for digital marketing alone, with his digital director making an estimated 50,000 Facebook ads a day — a robust number that the Clinton campaign incredibly managed to eclipse.

Video marketing is following a similar trajectory.  According to a new analysis by EMarketers, spending on video marketing in the United States is expected to reach nearly $28 billion in 2018, making up one-quarter of all digital advertising in the US and will represent more than half of the ad revenue for Snapchat and Twitter.

The largest recipients of online video ad dollars are:

  • Facebook (and Instagram) — $6.81 billion.
  • YouTube — $3.36 billion.
  • Twitter — $633.3 million.
  • Snapchat — $397.3 million.

For advocacy and issue campaigns without presidential-sized budgets, video marketing campaigns offer the ability to cost-effectively deliver targeted messages to specific audiences, mobilize the masses, and achieve significant impact.

The bottom line: Online advertising is no longer optional and despite recent revelations of problems with Facebook’s metrics systems, video marketing is fast becoming a compulsory component of effective digital strategies.

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