Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns

Strength in Numbers

Grassroots advocacy is about finding strength in numbers and channeling that strength to influence public opinion and government action. These campaigns, which also often generate news and earned media, aim to engage and mobilize constituents, activists, public interest groups, and other stakeholders to impact targeted decisionmakers.

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TDS executes impactful, far-reaching grassroots campaigns through a number of strategically valuable tactics, including but not limited to:

  • Event petitioning, canvasing, and organizing 
  • Social media and digital contacts with decisionmakers
  • Intercept communications from powerful third-party voices to targeted decisionmakers
  • Patch calls from constituents and activists to key influencers
  • Public speeches and roundtables 
  • Letter-writing campaigns to targeted decisionmakers

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Why Grassroots Activism is a Critical Component to Your Advocacy Campaign

Grassroots campaigns activate voters and constituents in support of your position. TDS has a long history of effectively educating, engaging, and activating voters in ways that ensure elected officials take notice. From constituent voters to activists and public interest groups our campaigns are essential in identifying targeted audiences and inspiring them to amplify and share the campaign’s message.

We do not just work with national-level influences. We work with state and local activists, voters and groups mobilizing vast numbers of people at all levels. A grassroots effort can allow audiences to directly interact with elected-officials and decision-makers.

Grassroots campaigns are often integral to success.

How Can Grassroots Advocacy Affect Policy?

Grassroots advocacy bolsters outside support for political issues or causes. Grassroots support highlights your message from within the public at large — through relationships with influential people within the community and outside public interest groups.

Grassroots leaders from particular communities guide development and change at the neighborhood level. These leaders initiate change by organizing and meeting with community members to begin the strategic planning process, vision development and needs assessment.

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As a top strategic research and advocacy firm in Washington, D.C., TDS has provided clients with effective grassroots mobilization, coalition building, digital services, issue advocacy, crisis management, and sophisticated strategic communication services since 2007.

The TDS team offers premier strategic advice and top-quality execution for public affairs and grassroots advocacy campaigns. We understand the importance of communicating a comprehensive and strategic messaging campaign to targeted messaging and ensuring maximum public exposure.

With partners in every state, TDS can rapidly craft and launch grassroots campaigns to convey your message where it counts. Contact us online to learn more about how we can help you create a grassroots campaign today.

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