Writing and Placing Op-Eds

Throughout all of the challenges of print media, the op-ed has continued to thrive over the years. Op-eds are an invaluable tool for changing ordinary citizens’ hearts and minds. You can reach any corner of the population with strategic placement. With the increase of digital news formats, op-eds have become easier to write and distribute than ever. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your opinion pieces have the right messaging for your audience.


What Are Op-Eds?

Op-eds were first launched by The New York Times in 1970 as the “opposite of the editorial page.” From their inception, op-eds were designed as a catalyst for political discussion and a forum for those left out of the news cycle. Since then, almost every newspaper in America has adopted op-eds into their circulation. Op-eds are written from all sides of the political spectrum and can advocate for any cause.


Why Invest in Op-Eds and Opinion Media?

Research shows that those who read an op-ed about an issue are 15 to 20% more likely to agree with the opinions expressed in the op-ed than control groups that have not read the piece. Op-eds sway public opinion by offering a fact-driven perspective that gives a concise deep dive into one specific issue. Writers who are deeply knowledgeable about the subject are more likely to convince readers, and those whose opinions are controversial are more likely to be widely discussed and remembered.


Using Op-Eds to Sway Public Opinion

A good op-ed convinces readers by thoroughly debating the most substantial arguments of its political opposition. The evidence used in an op-ed should be rigorous while still being accessible to every reader. The general public is the demographic most likely to be moved by reading an op-ed. For an op-ed to be capable of swaying public opinion, it must be proactive and anticipate and answer potential points of opposition before they even arise.

Most importantly, op-eds have a lasting effect on their readers’ beliefs, making them an investment that holds its value in the long run. You can increase your chances of success by partnering with a team experienced in creating compelling opinion pieces.


Writing and Placing Op-Eds With TDS Public Affairs

Since 2007, TDS Public Affairs has provided our clients with sophisticated public relations solutions that effectively change minds. We are a premier public relations service right in Washington, D.C. We have a deep understanding of the technical skills and political expertise needed to write a convincing, bulletproof op-ed but also apply innovative strategies to increase the visibility of your article to best influence your target audiences.

At TDS Public Affairs, we take pride in our ability to develop and implement effective public relations strategies capable of shaping opinion for impact. Reach out to us today to learn how we can advance your cause.