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Government Public Affairs Services

Comprehensive and integrated public affairs solutions are now the rule when it comes to advancing your objectives and creating change.  As a full-service public affairs firm based in Washington, DC, we are experts in crafting and shaping the right message to help clients meet their public affairs goals, reach key audiences and engage with decision-makers. 

To win on a legislative or regulatory issue, both on the national and local level, you need to create a landscape that is favorable to your cause. From building allies to making the most compelling arguments to bringing influencers and opinion leaders to your side, TDS helps clients navigate the multichannel communications environment where the public definition of an issue is formed.


Public Affairs Services To Bring Your Message Into Public Thought

When you have a story to tell or a message to relay, the most effective way to achieve your goals is by engaging public opinion. In the past, corporations, industries, nonprofits, groups and businesses hired a lobbyist to influence decision-makers. However, in today’s populist era, the speaker is often as important as what is said. When you partner with us, we’ll help you shape the most powerful narrative that drives a positive public opinion. We work with opinion-leaders, elected officials, scholars and analysts who agree with your position to amplify your messaging. 

TDS Public Affairs is a firm founded on communication, and we start by helping clients rethink the way they view public policy engagement. Whether through earned media, ad campaigns, social media or engaging grassroots activists in towns, cities and states across the country, we help you interact with the world and turn your mission into a movement. We can help you reach virtually any group of people — from Main Street to state capitals to Capitol Hill.


What Our Public Affairs Services Do for You

By offering essential services, TDS helps you achieve your public affairs goals in a variety of ways:

  • Strategic communications: We build a public narrative around an issue that can be distributed through numerous channels.
  • Public affairs and issue advocacy: We develop in-depth knowledge of an issue and build a strategic vision and plan designed to influence the process.
  • Grassroots mobilization: We ensure grassroots support and pressure from the public on your issue — both on the ground and online.
  • Coalition building: We have developed relationships with some of the most influential voices on issues ranging from financial policy to health care. Many of these voices agree with you and are willing to speak out when the cause is correct. 
  • Digital services: We educate, engage and mobilize key constituencies through robust digital tactics that deliver impact, not just clicks. 
  • Crisis management: In a crisis, every minute counts.  We are experienced in successfully handling crisis communications and develop responses to mitigate damage.


The Value of Working With TDS Public Affairs

At TDS Public Affairs, we pride ourselves on unparalleled quality. Public affairs is more than generating buzz on social media or producing a single opinion piece. It’s about having the scale and reliability to consistently deliver superior strategic advice, offer a unique approach to issue management and craft the right message to reach key audiences. 

Let TDS work with you to pinpoint your specific needs and help you develop a comprehensive, integrated public affairs solution to help you win. Contact us today to learn more!