We Shape Opinion For Impact

Public opinion plays a greater role than ever in shaping the course of our nation. However, absent wall-to-wall media coverage much of the country may never hear about your issue. Our team uses a strategic approach to cut through the noise, educate targeted audiences and mobilize them to turn opinion into impact.


Voters are increasingly turning to media with a viewpoint for their news. Outlets like Breitbart, Huffington Post and Fox News have wide audiences across the nation, and importantly they have constituencies on Capitol Hill. We leverage deep relationships with publications and thousands of authors to consistently deliver your message in these mediums.


Pew Research shows that 77% of Americans go online daily with almost a quarter who are online “constantly”. Tens of millions use social media as a primary news source and as a platform for activism. Using advanced audience segmentation and geographic targeting our team delivers robust, efficient and impactful persuasion and digital activism campaigns.


Protecting their ideological brand back home is supremely important to policymakers. We build and activate coalitions of national groups, hometown leaders and district voters to make their voices heard and apply pressure where politicians are most sensitive.

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