Crisis Management & Communication Strategies


Crisis Management Communication Services

Crises and threats often crop up with little warning. These issues can seriously damage your reputation and hinder your message if you’re not prepared. You need an expert to see you through these troubling times. TDS is ready to help you identify and mitigate a range of risks and sensitive issues. Located in Washington, D.C., our full-service public affairs firm specializes in crisis management communication.

The list of potential dangers is long. Your response time won’t be. TDS can help you plan for pitfalls and develop responses ahead of time. We can also guide you through potential dangers when an issue generates negative headlines or propagates quickly on social media.

Creating a Customized Crisis Management Plan

During fast-moving and uncertain times, our clients face questions and concerns they may not have answers to. Heightened awareness through social media and news outlets means every misstep is magnified. Potential threats can come from anywhere — high-profile litigation, hostile media interviews and news articles, environmental damage, congressional hearings, cyber threats, government action, mass casualty events and regulatory changes, to name a few. Today, it is more important than ever to have a crisis management plan in place.

We work in tandem with your internal team at the first sign of trouble to ensure you successfully navigate all reputational pitfalls. The goal is to:


  • Help control the message and tell your side of the story.
  • Create content and deliver it in real-time.
  • Prepare you for potentially damaging or disparaging interviews.
  • Meet extreme deadlines.
  • Defend your reputation.


Crisis Management Services

At TDS, we have the capabilities to offer a full range of crisis management and communication services:


  • Reputation management: Whether our client is an individual or organization, we use a variety of tactics to defend against reputational damage while also putting practices in place to prevent future risks.
  • Messaging: At the core of crisis communication is a distinctive narrative — what story do you want to tell? TDS is experienced at crafting a core narrative that shapes messages to be engaging, credible and compelling.
  • Media training: We prepare organizations and spokespeople to respond quickly and effectively in a crisis, preparing clients for potentially damaging interviews and media coverage.
  • Crisis planning: It’s crucial to know which issues could become a full-blown catastrophe. Anticipating and managing any and all crises in advance will ensure these cannot touch your reputation.
  • Rapid response: In a crisis, time is of the essence. TDS rapid response services aid our clients with media monitoring, incoming media requests, training for spokespeople, and developing new messages and strategic counsel in real time.
  • Media monitoring: From social media to news outlets, we monitor the sentiments of public opinion and mainstream media as they appear. We also watch online for potential issues that could evolve into a crisis.


How Can Our Crisis Public Relations Firm Help You?

TDS provides battle-tested crisis management services that help clients prepare for and navigate the treacherous waters of crisis communication. Whether you require pre-crisis planning, risk assessment, or hands-on rapid response and reputation management, we want to guide you through these troubling times so you can get back to doing what you need to do.

To learn more about how TDS can help you with effective crisis management services, contact us today.