Building a Nationally Recognized Brand

Women in Transportation

Our Client

A decade-old organization dedicated to promoting women in the transportation and infrastructure industry.

The Situation

Looking to raise the profile of their organization and visibility among policy makers on Capitol Hill and the White House, the leaders in promoting women in various industries reached out to TDS. 

The group has strong industry ties but was little known outside of industry-specific publications.

The Challenge

More established organizations with bigger budgets and a larger, long-term presence in Washington have dominated the D.C. media coverage for decades. With a near monopoly control of information, the challenge was how to build relations quickly and effectively with reporters and analysts.

The Strategy

We began a campaign to introduce the organization to mainstream news outlets. 

We immediately built a comprehensive, segmented press list focusing on reporters who cover the transportation industry for national news outlets, political reporters covering infrastructure and transportation issues, and outlets promoting women in male dominated industries. We began to introduce the organization and its leader to these reporters through a combination of news availability, op-eds, and press releases tied to national newsworthy issues.

The Results

Within a matter of weeks, the head of the organization was interviewed on half a dozen local television news stations, was quoted in influential outlets that are read by White House and Congress and became a go-to expert by several other mainstream news outlets and syndicated news services. Within three months, the organization was invited to participate in a White House roundtable with a cabinet secretary and other leaders in the field.

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