Book Promotion

The Dog Who Took Down Osama Bin Laden

Our Client

Former Navy SEAL Will Chesney came to us looking for promotional services around his new book — “No Ordinary Dog.” The story follows Will and the military working dog he handled during the 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound.

The Challenge

With thousands of books released in the U.S. each day, book promotion services are more vital than ever. Getting your book the recognition it deserves in a crowded marketplace becomes more difficult by the month. 

In today’s market, you need to craft the right narrative about your story, while focusing on relevant themes and priority information to captivate your audience. To reach key audiences and maximize a book’s sales potential, customized strategies are necessary. Without a tailored, multifaceted campaign, your book will get lost in the crowded industry.

The Opportunity

Creating a multifaceted campaign to produce tangible results:

  • Media outreach: Sparking public interest with local and national media campaigns on television, radio, digital and print media platforms.
  • Reviews: Boosting Mr. Chesney’s credibility with reviews from prestigious, unbiased reviewers.
  • Branding: Cultivating reader trust and loyalty by crafting a cohesive narrative that communicates what makes “No Ordinary Dog” unique.
  • Social media visibility: Building and maintaining a fanbase with social media campaigns.

The Plan

Effective book marketing can be challenging. The high volume of books published each day and the increasing number of authors seeking media coverage can make it difficult to stand out. At TDS, we focus on separating your book from the competition with innovative, creative marketing strategies.

We deployed various tactics to reach potential readers and boost sales, from traditional media interviews to social media campaigns. Our strategies were based on our years of experience and proven track record of success. 

What’s more, we pride ourselves in getting to know our authors and their work closely. We got to know Mr. Chesney personally, which allowed us to craft a strategy that would meet and exceed his goals. 

The Result

In less than two months, TDS scheduled and organized over 70 talk radio interviews for Chesney, from local shows to nationally syndicated programs. We also arranged television interviews on news shows and a half-dozen book reviews published on highly trafficked news websites. 

During this media engagement period, “No Ordinary Dog” became the top seller in its category on Amazon.

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